What is the format of a procurement number?
The basic Procurement Number consists of five parts as follows:
  • The Procuring Entity - Up to five letters being the commonly used abbreviation which identifies the Procuring Entity. (e.g. MOFEP for the Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning)
  • The Department or Project - Up to five letters used to identify the Department or Project (e.g. Admin for the Administration & Finance Department) within the Procuring Entity.
  • The Financial Year (e.g. 2009).
  • Category of Procurement - A two digit number is allocated to each one of the three categories of procurement as follows: (01 for Goods, 02 for Works and 03 for Consulting Services).
  • A Four-Digit Sequence Number - The sequence number allocated by the Department or Project within the Financial Year (e.g. from 0001 to 9999).
A simple example is MOFEP/ADMIN/2009/01/0022 representing the 22nd requisition raised for Goods procurement in the year 2009 by the Administration & Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning